What is Buddhist Action Month?

What is Buddhist Action Month?

Buddhists do social action!
Despite Buddhism's reputation for stillness and withdrawal from the world, UK Buddhists are engaged in a wide range of social-change projects, alleviating suffering at home and abroad.

The now annual UK Buddhist Action Month (June 2017)  highlights Buddhist social action across many traditions; actions which

    • a) bring people together and
    • b) are rooted in Buddhist teaching and values.

This year's theme: Connecting for change

Buddhist Action Month (BAM!) is an annual festival that unites all Buddhist traditions with the common project of encouraging new social action for the benefit of all beings. The theme for 2017 is 'Connecting for Change': sharing concerns and breaking down barriers, while nurturing a culture of inclusivity, courage, and friendship.

All practising Buddhists are invited to engage with Buddhist Action Month 2017, and to connect with others. While crises of all sorts buzz and hiss, the traumatic delusion of separate self - the “us versus them” - is being exacerbated by social, ecological and political pressures. The only way that we will truly move forward in responding to the crises of our time is by nourishing our sense relationship with a broader identity of belonging.

See our Planning and resources page for an event-planning pack.

Please share your ideas and events via the BAM Facebook group!