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  1. Dear Honorable Chair person

    I have tried several time to become a member of your NBO by filling up the prescribed your membership format online, but failed to submit it by putting the code seen at the end of online form. I am the Executive Director of SAKS, which is a Buddhist govt. registered NO.117 non=profit social welfare organization. As a small grassroot organization we could not achieve our poverty alleviation programs for our Buddhist communities so we want to share fund raising campaign with your agency by becoming a member. Could you please make us your member? If so please contact us and send us the detail information of system of membership. Looking forward to hear from you.
    With Dhamma
    Sabbe Satta Sukhita Hantu

    keranmoy chakma
    Rangamati, Bangladesh

  2. Dear NBO

    I am enquiring about ‘SACRE’ – the advisory panels for religious education, and whether there are any vacancies in the Sutton area?

    Best Wishes


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