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On this page you will find internal links to various resource materials, including translations of some of the classic Buddhist texts

It should be understood that publication does not imply that the NBO particularly endorses any resource appearing herein as the 'approved' or 'official' version. In the case of the classical Buddhist Texts there are many other translations available. For this reason the texts will appear on a plain page, rather than an NBO page.

Particularly for those non-Buddhists who visit this site seeking information about Buddhism, we would like to remind you that there are many diverse traditions and schools of Buddhism. Interpretations of basic principles vary widely from school to school, so care should be taken in drawing any conclusion as to the generality of any specific interpretation.

You will also find a number of links to other websites that can be quite useful as resources on our links page.

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Visa and Immigration

If your organisation invites/sponsors missionary monks from overseas, these rules probably affect you. Visit our special Immigration page to find out more

Guidelines on religious discrimination for Buddhist organisations PDF Format (280 kb)


Audio files of talks given at NBO meetings.  These have now been taken off the website: we still have the files, so if you would like copies of any of them on CDs ready to use in any normal CD player, please email the webmaster for details

The Role of Women in British Buddhism (NBO Meeting November 2006)
- Munisha from the FWBO
- Hiroko Kawanami from Lancaster University
- Beatrice Gassner from Sakyadhita
- Fiona Nuttall from the Western Chan Fellowship
Ordination (NBO Meeting December 2005)
- Ven. Sumanajothi: Manchester Buddhist Vihara
- Rev. Saido Kennaway: Order of Buddhist Contemplatives
- Rev. Saido Kennaway: Order of Buddhist Contemplatives Q & A
- Munisha: FWBO
- Munisha: FWBO Q & A

Jill Bolte Taylor's 'A Stroke of Insight': an unmissable talk
Not specifically Buddhist, but so many of the Activities Committee commented upon it, we feel it well worth passing it on. Its about 20 minutes long. I have tried it out in all common browsers ~ Opera users try IE instead, as it doesn't appear to work in Opera Watch it on YouTube

TripleGem - The Buddhist think tank

Access the Triple Gem website at triplegem.terapad.com/~

TripleGem is a new cooperative venture based in the UK, but inviting global participation, which provides Buddhist based analysis of social issues and contemporary events. TripleGem is a collaborative not-for-profit think tank and is independent of commercial, political and other organisations and not controlled by any specific UK Buddhist (or non-Buddhist) faith tradition. At the heart of the enterprise is the TripleGem website hosting a range of reports, news, analysis, resources, media sources, research projects, programmes of events and other material.

NotTwo is an excellent website run by artist Martha Aitchison where you will find original artwork related to Theravada Buddhism. All the material is free of copyright. Have a good look round, you'll be amazed at what you find. Visit her site here: www.nottwo.org.uk/~

Buddha Bell Meditation Timer:
download the .exe file from the Harmonic Systems website

British Library International Dunhuang Project
The British Library International Dunhuang Project is a collection of information and images of more than 100,000 manuscripts, paintings, textiles and artefacts from Dunhuang and other Silk Road sites. The project's archive is particularly useful: click here for the IDP Archive

NBO Funerals Advisory Group Advice on Buddhist funerals The first outcome of the weekend meeting of the Funerals Advisory Group.

Organ Donation A leaflet produced originally in 2004 for the NHS, with input from the NBO Activities Committee

Ecology Advisory Group  A newsletter produced independently by members of the Ecology Advisory Group

The Media Trust Conference Report (PDF version) National Conference on the Media and a Multi-Faith Society. London, March 2004.

Buddha Net E-learning A particularly good resource for schools

Buddha Mind Buddha Mind Buddhism with a smile - and much more

The Clear Vision Trust Student information pages Free information for schools

Audio-Visual educational resources from the Clear Vision Trust Go to the website

Running Tide ~ On-Line magazine produced by The Amida Trust Go to the website

David Evans The Dhammapada NB: copyright of this translation is held by the Network of Buddhist Organisations UK

The Moon
Phases for each day of the current month
Calculate phases for other months or years

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