Forest Sangha Calendar for 2014

Aruna Ratanagiri have produced a Forest Sangha Calendar for 2014, available for free download in 12 languages, thanks to the collaboration of many translators. They can be downloaded for printing from Continue Reading

Transforming Conflict – August Conference on Buddhist-inspired ideas for personal and social change

We usually think of conflict as negative and painful. How would it be if we were to see conflict as transformative? Buddhism suggests that out of difficulties and conflicts can develop wholesome outcomes.

At times...

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Bhutan Nuns touring UK this summer

A group of nuns from the Bhutan Nuns Foundation will be touring the UK from July 2013, meeting local Buddhist groups and giving presentations on the realities of life as a nun in Bhutan....

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NBO Report to the All Party Parliamentary Group on International Religious Freedom March 2013

Modgala, the NBO’s interfaith officer, recently attended Parliament to report to the “All Party Parliamentary Group on International Religious Freedom” on issues faced by Buddhists in different parts of the world.  Her report is...

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Kalyanamitra Meeting

Report on the Buddhist Chaplaincy Support Group (Kalyanamitra) Meeting 22 February 2013 

Dr Sunil Kariyakarawana spoke about the focus of Kalyanamitra being to support practicing Buddhists who are working for the benefit of others through...

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