Safeguarding for Buddhist charities

Policies, training and advice

The NBO wishes to encourage all Buddhist organisations to develop sound policy and practice in protecting adults and children from harm - as an expression of Buddhist values but also as required by charity regulations.

To this end, we publish model policies for Safeguarding adults and children which your Buddhist organisation is welcome to use as the basis of its own policies.

While Safeguarding policies need to cover certain content they can vary in style and tone according to the culture of your Buddhist tradition. These models demonstrate one possible approach and trustees should make sure that any policies they adopt are correct and would meet the standards of the body which regulates their charity.

NBO Model Child Protection Policy 2022-23
NBO Model Child Protection Code of Conduct 2022-23 (A short guide to safe behaviours)
NBO Model Adult Safeguarding Policy 2022-23

External advice, training and guidance on Safeguarding is available from two bodies specialising in Safeguarding for UK faith groups:

Thirtyone:eight Helpine 0303 003 1111
Strengthening Faith Institutions

Buddhist charities in England and Wales are regulated by the Charity Commission for England and Wales. See their Safeguarding requirements.
Buddhist charities in Scotland should seek guidance from the Scottish Charity Regulator. NB In Scotland Safeguarding may also be referred to as Protection.
Buddhist charities in Northern Ireland should seek guidance from the Charity Commission for Northern Ireland.

Safeguarding webinar with the Charity Commission

What are the duties of Buddhist charity trustees in relation to Safeguarding adults and children from harm in the course of their activities - and how can we do this better? On 29th January 2022 the NBO hosted a webinar with two speakers from the Charity Commission for England and Wales, who explained the Commission’s requirements and what has been learned from recent experience in Buddhist organisations.

Safeguarding adults and children from harm is everyone’s business. This event was open to all but particularly aimed at Buddhist trustees, leaders and teachers. The recording and PowerPoint are publicly available here. Please bear in mind that the Commission updates its advice every year and the most recent advice can always be found at

View the webinar PowerPoint as a pdf:

Watch the webinar video.

Email the NBO Safeguarding officer:
See the NBO's own Safeguarding policies.