BAM: Reading, audio and video talks etc.

I’ll be collating links to talks, reading, recommended books and so on related to Buddhist Action Month here. If you have a suggestion. Let me know.

Ecodharma resources including recordings of ecodharma webinars

David Loy answers ‘What is Buddhism For’ (2019)

Vaddhaka on ‘Going Beyond Capitalism’ (2014)

Joanna Macy on ‘Befriending our despair’ (2006)

Sangharakshita on ‘Buddhism, Peace and Nuclear War’ (1984)

Roshi Joan Halifax: in the second part of this podcast Roshi Halifax speaks about her experience of getting arrested whist protesting:

Many of the talks from Buddhafield Festival last year focused on the climate and ecological situation:

Satya Robyn’s free e-course for Dear Earth:

Articles from Throssel Hole Buddhist Abbey:

 ‘A Stand of Alder Trees’ by Rev. Wilfrid Powell and  ‘Do We Hear The Call?’ by Rev. Elinore Agnew

Running Tide: Earth Journal of Amida Shu, on the theme of ‘Earth’

XR Buddhist Website – lots of resources on Buddhist Action

John’s Tips for Greenspace Climate Action

John Marder, NBO committee member and horticulturist/greenspace adviser has created a guide to the best way of using green spaces to combat climate change:

Download it here: John’s Tips for Greenspace Climate Action