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With a series of slides presented to the Network of Buddhist Organisations Annual Gathering on 24th October 2020, Nick Donaldson, Head of Faith Charities Engagement at the Charity Commission, introduced the Faith Charities Outreach Team and explained that the Charity Commission is interested in engaging with and supporting Buddhist charities.

They will support unregistered charities to register and also support present Buddhist charities with their governance.
Here is the link to the pdf of the presentation.

20201024 – Charity Commission – Network of Buddhist Organisations presentation

Here is link to a post about webinars.

Contact the Charity Commission’s Faith Charities Outreach Team

The Charity Commission’s Faith Charities Outreach Team is keen to understand the range of Buddhist charities and governance challenges. They can be consulted directly on specific topics (but not individual cases) and they offer to give webinars.


or call 07783 141 669