Chaplaincy in the UK is often cited as an example of effective inter-faith work functioning in the public space where diverse faith and belief communities share the common purpose of supporting others who are struggling with life; with health, through stress at work or in many other ways.
NBO has been happy to support the many new initiatives within Buddhist Chaplaincy and the interest from Buddhists from many different schools and traditions to working in secular contexts is increasing.
One such development arises from the recognition that Buddhism has something to contribute to improving healthcare outcomes. The Buddhist Healthcare Chaplaincy Group is a member of NBO reflecting its strong commitment to bringing together Buddhists from different backgrounds.NBO is also currently keen to support work with chaplains in educational sectors.
Keith Munnings, June 2017

Keith Munnings is NBO chaplaincy officer. He presented his first report to the NBO committee meeting of 3rd March 2015.

Chaplaincy report 03-03-2015


Starting out in Health Care Chaplaincy Courses 2018-2019

There is a two-day course for those interested in finding out more about working as a Healthcare Chaplain.
Dates and venue:
LONDON. Free Churches Group, 27 Tavistock Square, London WC1H 9HH
Day one: Monday 8th October 2018
Day two: Wednesday 5th December 2018
Review Day (TBC)
MANCHESTER. Nowgen Centre, Manchester Royal Infirmary, 29 Grafton Street,
Manchester M13 9WU
Day one: Wednesday 16th January 2019
Day two: Wednesday 13th March 2019
Review Day (TBC)

Please read through the

Course Handbook 2018-2019

carefully before completing the Application Form.

Application Form

Applications, or any questions, to Keith Munnings