Ideas and Inspiration

On 14th April 2021 Buddhist Action Month and the Eco Dharma Network hosted an event on the theme of Buddhist Action. Here are some of the ideas that came from the group discussion. Maybe they will inspire your own action.

As always, when choosing how to act I try to keep three questions in mind. These questions come from David Loy: What does the world need? What can I offer? What tugs at my heart? If I can find something that meets each of these questions, I know that’s a good place to direct my energy to.



Plastic pollution in ocean

Depletion of nature

Care of local natural spaces

Focussing on COP26

Mental health

The climate crisis

Climate justice

Way of speaking up or taking action

Supporting rewilding initiatives by joining working groups or advocating for projects

Speaking to local government representatives and local groups about local issues

Speaking/writing to national government representatives

Hosting an event at our Buddhist group to raise awareness of an issue

Doing the inner work of transformation that can support or lead to change in the world

Supporting others to the inner work

Resourcing others to communicate

Including people in actions can support their mental health

Practicing outside e.g. meditating or mindful walking in public places

Rebellion of one: a single person meditating in the road, with support from Extinction Rebellion on 1st of May.

Sharing information about ethical banks and supporting people to switch to those rather than banks that fund fossil fules


Communicating that we are all one, that we are all part of a global living system

Avoiding polarising debate

Supporting working together and cooperation

Sharing positive news and examples as well as speaking of the fears and dangers