NBO Annual Gathering: What is Buddhism For?

What is Buddhism for?

Join us for the NBO annual gathering
Saturday 16th November
1pm – 5pm
South London SGI Buddhist CentreIncluding an exclusive (pre-recorded) talk by David R. Loy, author of Ecodharma

Buddhists from all traditions come and join our gathering and discussion: What is Buddhism For?

In these times of great change and polarisation, politically, socially and with the climate crisis – how should Buddhists respond? We welcome contributions from members of all Buddhist traditions.

Should our groups focus on transmission of the dharma alone? What might that look like?

Can Buddhists with strongly different views practise together?

Should we be socially, politically and environmentally engaged?

What do the charters, provisions and charity deeds of our groups invite and allow us to do?

We will share what we are already doing, and what we would like to do more or less of.

There will be facilitated discussion in small groups and as a whole around these questions.

The day will include space for discussion of the NBOs new climate crisis working group: Eco-Dharma

The day will also include the AGM of the NBO where members will hear the NBO’s yearly report, answering the question “What is Buddhism for?” from the point of view of chaplaincy, religious education, interfaith and so on.

As well as welcoming NBO reps, the gathering is open to all, so please do invite other members of your community. Buddhists from non-member traditions are also encourage to join us, so do spread the word.