Buddhist Organisations

This page contains a variety of links to Buddhist organisations who have been NBO members at various times.

Disclaimer: The NBO does not endorse the teachings or practices of any Buddhist organisations included on this list and takes no responsibility for the content of any site linked to from this page.

For those non-Buddhists who visit this site seeking information about Buddhism, we would remind you that there are many diverse traditions & schools of Buddhism. Interpretations of teachings may differ from school to school, so care should be taken in drawing any conclusion as to the generality of any specific interpretation. You should also know that there are growing numbers of reputable secular groups that teach mindfulness.

In case you prefer photos to text, here's some images of Buddhist Centres around the UK - more contributions are welcome! Email us and we'll send you the details to add your own.

Amaravati Lay Buddhist Association www.buddhacommunity.net/~
The Amida Trust www.amidatrust.com/~
Awakened Heart Sangha www.ahs.org/~
Birmingham Buddhist Vihara www.birminghambuddhistvihara.org/~
Buddha’s Light International ibps.org/~
Buddhist Healthcare Chaplaincy Group
Buddhist Hospice Trust www.buddhisthospice.org/~
Buddhavihara Temple, Kings Bromley www.watthaiuk.com/~
The Clear Vision Trust www.clear-vision.org/~
Dechen www.de/~
Diamond Way  www.buddhism.org/~
Triratna Buddhist Community (formerly known as the FWBO) www.fwbo.org/~
Gaia House www.gaiahouse.co.uk/~

Jamyang Leeds www.jamyangleeds.co.uk/~
Jamyang London www.jamyang.co.uk/~
Buddhist Group of Kendal buddhistgroupofkendal.co.uk/~
Lam Rim Buddhist Centres www.lamrim.org/~
Leeds Buddhist Council leedbuddhistcouncil [at] hotmail [dot] com
London Buddhist Vihara www.londonbuddhistvihara.org/~
Longchen Foundation www.longchenfoundation.org/~
Lumbini Nepalese Buddha Dharma Society (UK) www.lumbini.org/~
Manchester Buddhist Convention www.manchesterbuddhistconvention.org/~
Network of Engaged Buddhists www.engagedbuddhists.org/~
Order of Buddhist Contemplatives www.obcon.org/~ and www.throssel.org/~
Pure Land Buddhist Fellowship www.wheelswithinwheels.net/~
Samye Ling Tibetan Centre www.holyisland.org/~
Rissho Kosei-kai of the UK www.rk-world.org/~
Soka Gakkai - UK www.sgi-uk.org/~
Western Ch’an Fellowship www.WesternChanFellowship.org/~

Buddhist Information Sources

The following sites have proved to be useful sources of information about Buddhism.  Note that they are not in any particular order

His Holiness the Dalai Lama Official Website
Buddhist Society The London based Society founded by Christmas Humphries
BuddhaSasana An excellent source of Theravada on-line books & articles
Amaravati Buddhist Monastery Forest Sangha teachings and Theravada writing etc
Leaves from the Buddha’s Grove Another excellent source of Theravada writing etc
The Life Of The Buddha Does exactly what it says in the title!
BuddhaNet A Buddhist Information and Education Network
New Kadampa Tradition New Kadampa Tradition
A Handful of Leaves A multitude of Dhamma readings and much more
Not Two Original artwork related to Theravada Buddhism
Buddha Mind Buddhism with a smile – and much more.
Buddhist Therapists Database Search for a Buddhist counsellor or psychotherapist
The Barn Retreat Centre Buddhist meditation retreat centre in the Devon countryside
BuddhaBell Time your meditation session
www.bhpromo.org/~ Buddhist Heritage in India
IOP-UK The Institute of Oriental Philosophy
www.sutrasmantras.info/~ Buddha Sutras & Mantras
www.ammituofo.com/~ More Sutras
Positive News On-line newspaper. Exactly what it says it is
Journal of Global Buddhism An on-line academic journal that functions as a traditional scholarly journal.
The Buddhist Channel A Buddhist on-line ‘Newspaper’
I am Awakening Many resources with spirituality information
Buddha Chat A Buddhism Discussion Forum
Museum of World Religions An excellent virtual museum project
The International Dunhuang Project information and images from Dunhuang and other Silk Road sites
The Interfaith Network Building relations between all the major faiths.
Dharma the Cat The coolest site on the web! A must for Buddhist cat lovers
The Lighter Side of Buddhism We should never lose sight of our sense of humour
Dharma Games If you have kids (or are one yourself!), send them here
Buddhist Search Engine Run by the Western Chan Fellowship, this search engine operates in the usual way, but specifically searches a list of (currently 100) Buddhist websites for your key words.
If you know of a site that you thinks merits including in the search engine list, please send the URL of the site to searching [at] westernchanfellowship [dot] org
Buddhist Society www.thebuddhistsociety.org/~

Current list of NBO member organisations registered via website

(beta version: system still in development)

Organisation Tradition Website
Amida Trust Pure Land / Engaged Buddhism http://www.amidatrust.com/
Jamyang Buddhist Centre Tibetan, Gelug http://www.jamyang.co.uk
Jamyang Buddhist Centre Leeds Affiliated to Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition (FPMT) http://www.jamyangleeds.co.uk
Leeds Buddhist Council Inter-Buddhist http://
Letters to a Nichiren Buddhist Nichiren Buddhism http://www.nichirenletters.com
London Buddhist Vihara Theravada Buddhism http://www.londonbuddhistvihara.org/
Midlands Buddhist Association in the UK Inter-Buddhist, Theravada http://www.bbmvihara.com
Rissho Kosei-kai of the UK Ekayana/Mahayana http://www.rk-world.org
Samye Ling Karma Kagyu http://samyeling.org/
Triratna Buddhist Community Triratna http://thebuddhistcentre.com/
The UK Network of Engaged Buddhists Engaged Buddhism https://www.facebook.com/ukneb

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  1. Greg Evers says:

    Dear NBO,

    I am writing to you to seek guidance, support and help.

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    Sorry to contact you this way as it is a comments page, but I am still in a lot of difficulty. There is a lot more to this story and I am seeking guidance and council to help. I am very open about the truth’s of my life and talking about what has happened to be able to maintain and stablise my practice so I can be of help to beings.

    I hope to hear from you in one way or another.

    Yours sincerely

    Greg Evers

    (Sorry to hear of your difficulties, Greg. I have edited your posting since the personal details are probably best not discussed via comments pages.
    I suggest that if practical you make contact with an Insight Meditation Society group or centre – such as Gaia House – they may well be able to offer support for your practice. yours in the dhamma, NBO )