What we stand for

The Network of Buddhist Organisations UK (NBO) was founded in 1993 to:

promote fellowship and dialogue between UK Buddhists, to facilitate co-operation in matters of common interest and to work in harmony with Buddhist and like-minded organisations, such as the European Buddhist Union and Inter Faith Network for the UK.

Why do we need the NBO?

Over the past 30 years, a diverse range of traditions has become well-established in the UK. Buddhism has started to permeate British culture. In addition to traditions with roots in Asia, we have new Western Buddhist movements. In the burgeoning mindfulness movement, we see also a growing secularised form of Buddhist practice.

In addition, there are strong governmental and cultural pressures on faiths. Recent equalities legislation has emphasised religious identity;  Religious Education frameworks identify Buddhism as one of the six major UK faiths to be studied in schools; and Buddhist chaplains are now invited to hospitals, prisons, further and higher educational establishments and other civic bodies.

The NBO seeks to be a national, non-denominational body where these matters can be considered. Since these developments affect all British Buddhist communities, it is essential that Buddhists from all backgrounds work together to produce coherent and thoughtful responses. The future profie and influence of Buddhism on British life depends upon decisions that Buddhist communities collectively make today.

Frequently asked by government for "the Buddhist view" on issues ranging from organ donation to immigration procedures, we are insistent that there is no such one Buddhist view; we can provide "a" Buddhist view, or a range of views. Thus we cannot be seen as representative of all British Buddhists and do not seek to be seen as such.


What does the NBO do?

The NBO is a registered charity, entirely dependent on the generosity and virtue of its volunteers. We provide a neutral non-denominational forum for discussion and for activities founded on Right Action – intelligent, generous, and ethical action.

The Network does not seek to validate or endorse any Buddhist tradition; we are interested in acting well, for the benefit of UK Buddhist communities, and for the good of British society.

Our volunteers have their own traditions and forms of practice which inspire and motivate their behaviour. What they bring to the NBO is the intention to use their skills for the benefit of all and to make decisions which will help Buddhism to take root in the UK.

How is the NBO run?

The NBO is a charity where decisions are taken by an Executive Committee composed of members from a broad range of Buddhist traditions.

The NBO invites your support

If you are inspired by the path to awakening and want to help Buddhism to flourish in the UK, please join us.

You can register as an individual or as a representative of a Buddhist group or organisation. Once registered you will be kept informed of our activities and be welcome to participate. Just as a reminder, our aims are:

a) To promote fellowship and dialogue between Buddhist inspired organisations.

b) To facilitate cooperation in matters of common interest.

c) To work in harmony with Buddhist and other like minded organisations

We do not endorse Buddhist traditions or groups, we welcome mindfulness and secular Buddhist groups, and operate on the basis of Right Action.