BAM 2022

Buddhist Action Month

June 2022: Compassion and Connections in Times of Crisis

Buddhist Action Month is coming around again in June. This year has brought yet  more crises to challenge us: the war in Ukraine, the cost of living, the omicron variant  in the coronavirus pandemic, all on top of the background of the ever worsening  climate crisis.

How should we respond as Buddhists? In the Chan/Zen Buddhist tradition this  exchange has been handed down: A monk once asked the ancient Chinese Zen master  Yunmen, “What is the teaching of the whole lifetime of Buddha?” Yunmen replied, “An  appropriate response.”

This sounds simple, but it can be difficult to know what an appropriate response is in  these turbulent and complex times. Taking part in Buddhist Action Month is an  opportunity to engage in action, with compassion and connection at its heart, to help  ourselves and others through these times of crisis.

Many of our lives have been adversely affected by Covid and by the associated  economic and social changes it has brought. Restrictions are now easing and this may  bring opportunities for us to reconnect. Connecting with each other, in our sanghas of  Buddhist practitioners and beyond, is one of the jewels of Buddhism and key to our  well-being.




Other ways of caring for ourselves include: keeping active, learning new things, giving  to others and mindful awareness. Please find attached the leaflet “Five Ways to Good  Mental Wellbeing and Buddhism” which can be freely shared.

BAM is about action: June might be a chance to kickstart a mid-year resolution! Let us  know what you’re doing…it could be small or large, increasing your personal practice  and encouraging others could be the start of a new wave of positive change rippling  out into the world.

You are invited to join 2 events with David Loy, full details will be posted separately

Friday, 3 June 19.00 – 20.30pm in-person and on zoom

What Does the Ecological Crisis Mean for Buddhism?

Saturday, 4 June 11.00 – 17.00 GMT

The Bodhisattva/Ecosattva Path Today 



Other ideas for action might include: 

Nature walks with friends. Being outside in nature is calming and invigorating,  appreciating nature helps to recognise how precious it is and helps us care for it.

If you don’t know where to go, have a look online. Here are some ideas:

Tree planting.

As we come out of the third wave of the pandemic, easing of  restrictions might allow us to join in group activities again. Here are a selection of  websites where you can volunteer for tree planting. June might not be the right time of year for putting trees in the ground, but planning to get involved can happen any  time.

Looking out for others is looking out for yourself.

You may be inspired to volunteer to  connect with others and provide a valuable service, which also improves your sense of  well-being. Here are some ideas:

Buddhist chaplaincy is a way of supporting others with a spiritual care dimension

Whatever you get up to please share it with others by email or social media.  Best wishes,

Juliet Hackney

BAM 2022 coordinator