Buddhist Action Month (BAM!): results from the 2017 project

In November 2016, with the pro bono support of experts in Human Computer Interaction and Mindfulness, the BAM project was initiated in order to examine the NBO’s role and potential as a hub for encouraging Buddhist groups across traditions to work together. A survey was conducted, and the report attached presents the results. The crux of the questions behind the work:

… could BAM become a “new” annual Buddhist festival, contemporary to our time, that initiates and supports meaningful progress for individuals and society? Could BAM serve to bring important issues relating to justice and compassion into the practicing lives of practicing Buddhists, such that Buddhist wisdom can truly serve the world? …The world needs more wisdom, compassion, fearlessness, etc. Is there a possibility that we could put BAM at the heart of modern Buddhism? (Nov. 10, 2016)