Stories We Live – NBO Annual Gathering

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Saturday 20th November
1500 – 1615


As Buddhists, what stories do we live by and how do they condition our present and our future?

In the face of the climate crisis, the global pandemic and social justice issues, the narratives we tell about ourselves and the world affect both how we feel and how we act.

Come and join us as we investigate these questions and think about stories we want to keep telling, and stories we want to let go.

Narapa will talk about living in difficult times and the stories we tell ourselves.

Kaspa Thompson will talk about helpful and unhelpful stories he hears and tells as a Buddhist climate activist.

Olivia will ask some questions about established narratives of the climate and ecological crisis and spark a conversation imagining what stories we can tell to co-create our futures.

And there will be time to reflect and share with each other on the stories we each carry.

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