Author: Kaspalita

Rainbow Sangha Survey

Dear Friends, The Rainbow Sangha of the European Buddhist Union is organising a survey on Buddhism, Gender, Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity. It is a questionnaire for all Buddhists, not just LGBT+. Thank you for taking part and sharing it with others.

New Eco Dharma Network

Dear Buddhist sangha, What is the Buddhist approach to the climate emergency and what can we as Buddhist communities do? As we know we are living in unprecedented times, in a climate emergency. The science is irrefutable. In the last 50 years the average global temperature has risen at the fastest rate in recorded history.[1]  Rising …. Read More >

Buddhist Action Month 2019

Buddhist Action Month 2019 is approaching. In June this year how are you going to take your Buddhist practice off the cushion and into the world? This year’s theme is Climate Action. What can you do now? Check out the page: Buddhist Action Month 2019  And there’s still time to sign up for our training …. Read More >