Buddhism in Action: a European conference

Val Stephenson is Chair of the Network of Buddhist Organisations UK. She reports:

“Over the first weekend of April, I attended the European Buddhist Union’s (EBU) conference “Buddhism in Action” in Berlin. I saw many connections with our annual Buddhist Action Month (BAM) in the UK, and just how important Buddhist social action is. Here are just two responses to the weekend.

Over 100 Buddhists from many different countries and communities across Europe gathered together. Many bridges were built and friendships made, listening and talking about such subjects such as ‘Friendship as the future of Buddhism’ , ‘The Importance of action for peace’ , ‘Buddha activity in the city’ and ‘Every day is a good day: A Chan perspective on practice in daily life’.

“Different bodies, same mind. We can make a difference in society.”
“Friendship is not part of spiritual life, it it is all of spiritual life.”

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Val Stephenson
Chair, Network of Buddhist Organisations UK