Buddhist healthcare chaplaincy: an introductory course

Many followers of the NBO Facebook page were inspired by a video about a Buddhist healthcare chaplain in a hospital in Manchester, UK, earlier this year.

Here’s an opportunity to find out more about this work. The Healthcare Chaplaincy Faith and Belief Group are offering a ‘Starting out in Healthcare Chaplaincy’ course in Manchester, UK, February-April 2016.

Open to those of any faith or belief group, it includes two taught days at Manchester Royal Infirmary, a further day with Buddhists only, a placement in a healthcare setting and an assignment. The course is publicly funded and there are 20 places.

Amitaśūrī, featured in the video, highly recommends the course. “For me, healthcare chaplaincy is a direct expression of my ordination vow, the Brahma Viharas and the Bodhisattva Ideal.

I absolutely love my work as a chaplain, feel so grateful to have found a vocation where, as a Buddhist, some of my highest values flow through me freely, easily and with so much love and compassion, in ways which directly, and obviously benefit beings who are suffering.”

To take part you need to be “in good standing with your faith community”; ie have a regular and committed Buddhist practice and be recommended by your sangha.

See here for dates and course content:

Course guide
Course handbook

To apply, please email Keith Munnings (keith@eskola.co.uk) or phone 07931 532006.