Jai Bhim! Buddhists mark 60 years since Dr Ambedkar's conversion

On this day 60 years ago – 14th October 1957 – the Indian social reformer Dr Bhimrao Ramji Ambedkar converted to Buddhism.

The ceremony, in Nagpur, central India, was attended by hundreds of thousands of his fellow people, women, men and children at the bottom of India’s caste system. In their turn they too converted to Buddhism, reciting the refuges and precepts after Dr Ambedkar. Mass conversions continue to this day. A common greeting among Dr Ambedkar’s followers is “Jai Bhim!” – “Victory to Bhimrao!”

As a child, Jnanasuri was present that day. In this video she describes the experience. (9 minutes)

We send our congratulations to our sisters and brothers in Britain’s Ambedkarite communities. Jai Bhim!