Buddhist healthcare chaplaincy: introductory courses 2017

Here are the 2017 dates for the Healthcare Chaplaincy Faith and Belief Group’s courses on ‘Starting out in Healthcare Chaplaincy’ in Manchester and Birmingham, open to those of any faith or belief group.

To take part you need to be “in good standing with your faith community”; ie have a regular and committed Buddhist (or other faith) practice and be recommended by your sangha/faith group.

– Day one: Thursday 2nd February 2017
– Buddhist day: Monday 20th March 2017
– Day two: Monday 3rd April 2017
– Day one: Thursday 4th May 2017
– Buddhist day: Thursday 22nd June 2017
– Day two: Monday 3rd July 2017

To apply, please email Keith Munnings (keith@eskola.co.uk) or phone 07931 532006.