Manchester Buddhist Convention – 11th June

Manchester Triratna Buddhist Centre in  is hosting this years Buddhist convention. All groups and traditions in the Manchester area have been invited and many have accepted. There is a full programme of talks and meditation and an opportunity to meet senior representatives from many traditions as well as a diverse range of Buddhists from complete beginners through to those with more experience. The event is open to all, but please register at:

Programme Details – Manchester Buddhist Convention 11/06/11

1. Introductory Chanting

2. Early History of Traditions
By Andy Taylor from the Manchester University Buddhist Society. A brief talk about the early history of Buddhism, the early texts and how it branched and diversified across the world and how each of the groups in the Manchester region can be traced back to Buddha.

3. Keynote Speech – Do we need to choose a Buddhist tradition?
By Chris Ward from the Network of Buddhist Organisations.
Chris will briefly explore how we can relate to the diversity of Buddhist traditions in the UK. Do we need to become a disciple of a tradition or can we be non-aligned or a butterfly Buddhist? What criteria can be used to judge traditions? Can we use scripture, lineage, ethical behaviour, google, or intuition? Is UK Buddhism going to become more sectarian or are there things that UK Buddhists have in common – common threads – that unite us?

4. Lunch
Ordained members from certain traditions are required to eat before mid day so please allow venerables and Senior lay members to be served first. The Fo Guang Shan temple will chant the blessing before lunch commences. Please get your food but wait for nuns to chant blessing before starting eating.

5. Marketplace
All groups are welcome to bring Buddhist related goods to sell. Stalls will be provided.

6. Meditation Taster Session
Led by the Samatha group.

7. Practice by following the six paramitas
By Ven. Miao-Gi Shih from Fo Guang Shan IBPS. (International Buddhist Progress Society)
The Six Paramitas are: – 1 Giving, 2 Taking Precepts, 3 Endurance/Patience, 4 Vigor, 5 Meditation/Samadhi, 6 Wisdom/Prajna.

8. Dhammapada
By Valerie Roebuck from the Samatha centre.

9 Talk on the History of Kagyu Buddhism
By Robin Jackson Kagyu Ling

10 Workshop for Buddhist Creatives
Led by Oxana Poberejnaia
Provides space for Buddhists, creatives and Buddhist creatives to meet, share their work and discuss Buddhist path and creativity and how they do or don’t go together. So far, attendees can expect to experience poetry readings, an exhibition of watercolours, images of ceramic sculptures and live music. There will also be an opportunity for everyone to make a paper collage and write a haiku. Even if you do not write to us in advance about your particular creative pursuit, please come along and bring your works to share. We will equally be happy to see everyone who wishes to form a participating audience.

11 Meditation taster session
Led by Western Chan group. 12. Buddhism in the modern world – opportunities and challenges
By Vidyamala from Triratna
Based on her experience of teaching both ‘hard core’ Buddhism and secular mindfulness, Vidyamala will explore two opposite positions that can be taken in response to this ques­tion. One can be ‘liberal’ and try to change Buddhism to align with popular values in society, or ‘conservative’ and try to change society to align with traditional Buddhist values. Is there a middle way between these two extremes?”

13. Nichiren Buddhism in Action
By Helen Barker, Ameena Ahmed and Frankie Kington
Helen, Ameena and Frankie, all leaders in Soka Gakkai International Greater Manchester (SGI Greater Manchester), will provide an introduction to Nichiren Buddhism. Helen will talk about the SGI, Ameena will give details of the practice of Nichiren Buddhism and Frankie will explain about a local campaign, “Victory over Violence”.

14 History and Practice of the Kwan Um School of Zen
By Koonlin Eunice

15. Meditation taster session – Kagyu Ling
XXXX from the Kagyu Ling tradition will lead a meditation session. The Kagyu prayer will be chanted in Tibetan followed by a session of Samatha meditation.

16 Introduction to Buddhist Compassion Relief Tzu Chi Foundation – The Bodhisattva Path (Buddhism in action)
In 1966, Dharma Master Cheng Yen established the Tzu Chi Foundation in Hualien on the east coast of Taiwan. With the spirit of self-discipline, diligence, frugality and perseverance Tzu Chi set out to help the poor and relieve suffering. Over time the foundation’s mission started with Charity and extended into Medicine, Education, and Humanistic Culture, Bone Marrow Donation, Environmental Protection, Community Volunteerism, and International Relief. For more information, please visit

17 How Buddhism can inform Psychotherapy
Ken Blythin will explore ways in which Buddhist teachings and practice can contribute to awareness-based psychotherapy. Ken is a UKCP accredited Core Process Psychotherapist and is currently Chair of the Association of Core Process Psychotherapists.

18. The union of dharma and daily life
By New Kadampur Tradition

19. Teabreak
Tea coffee and biscuits will be served in the ?????? by the main entrance on the ground floor but people will stand in the main reception area opposite.

20. Questions and answers for monks, nuns, and senior practitioners
Chaired by. Please feel free to ask questions of our panel. These can be questions on any topic you like relating to life and Buddhism. Examples from previous conferences are: – What is the meaning of life? Should we have children, since all we give them is life that is suffering with death at its end? Why do some Buddhists eat meat? Start thinking about questions you might like to ask or just sit and listen to the discussions. There is a large panel of venerables who will consider the questions. Not all of them will answer each question but there will hopefully be some interesting discussions. If you can email us with your questions in advance that would help prepare a more interesting reply

21. Closing speech- notices about future of the Convention
Andy Taylor

22. Chanting
Hannya Shingyo by Manchester Zen Dojo