Manchester Buddhist Convention – 13th October

As you will see, plans for the 2012 Manchester Buddhist Convention are moving on quickly as the event is only seven weeks away and we are hoping that your members will be able to join us.  More details can be found on our website

As always food is being provided for free.  Although dana will be gratefully received on the day the money for food is largely coming from the fund raising activities of the organising committee and in part from their own pockets.  For this reason we really need to find out accurate numbers of people who are planning to attend.  We have a huge capacity this year (3-400), with the event being hosted by the University Chaplaincy on Oxford road so there are no capacity concerns like last year but we are asking people to book a place using this on-line form: –

Or simply by emailing me on this address –


If people change their mind they can cancel their place by the same two methods.

So may I ask you to forward this message to all your members with the request to book, and the sincere hope that we can meet as many as possible of you in October at the Chaplaincy.



With metta