NBO Reorganisation

The Network of Buddhist Organisations


Major Reorganisation Announced

Release date: 15th May 2010

Today the Network of Buddhist Organisations UK (NBO) formally moved to a new, charitable, structure as a company limited by guarantee.

At the NBO’s Annual General Meeting held today at the Jamyang Buddhist Centre, London, the NBO committed itself to a policy of ‘Supporting Right Action’; to exemplifying Buddhist values in action whilst providing an informed voice on behalf of the great diversity of UK Buddhist traditions.

The NBO has been active for many years bringing together British Buddhists from many backgrounds and traditions and working on their behalf. The changes announced today are a response to the growing profile of religion in modern British life. This is making increasingly complex demands on NBO time, for information and consultation.

NBO Chair, Jamie Cresswell, said

“The NBO has been working for British Buddhism since the early 1990s. With the changing position of religions, faiths and belief in public life this new structure will enable us to use our experience much more effectively and involving far more people in new and exciting projects.”

We want to emphasise ethical action based on Buddhist principles. We want to ensure that the NBO continues to be respected both within the Buddhist community and also by the increasing numbers of individuals and organisations seeking our help.

We have been very heartened by the support from our membership. And we look forward to working together on a number of exciting projects which will benefit the whole Buddhist Community.”

Jamie Creswell – NBO Chair Email: Chair [ @  ] nbo dot org dot uk

Chris Ward – NBO Secretary Email: secretary [ @ ] nbo dot org dot uk      (please remove spaces, ‘[‘ and replace ‘dot’ by ‘.’

At Jamyang

See notes overleaf/


1. The NBO has four trustees and will appoint more. The present four are from four major UK Buddhist organizations in the Theravada and Mahayana schools of Buddhism:

  • Amaravati
  • The Order of Buddhist Contemplatives
  • Soka Gakkai UK and
  • The Triratna Buddhist Order (formerly the Western Buddhist Order)

The NBO Executive Committee continues to be composed of members from a broad range of UK Buddhist traditions and organisations.

2. At the end of 2009 the members and executive committee developed a new strategy for the NBO. We recommitted ourselves to maintaining our strengths in:

  • acting impartially on behalf of the broad diversity of UK Buddhism
  • promoting networking between sincere Buddhist groups and individuals
  • operating in a transparent and democratic fashion
  • acting as a channel between Buddhist groups and external organizations
  • running an online information channel
  • contributing to interfaith forums

And to build new strength by:

  • incorporating the NBO as a charity
  • reinforcing our code of conduct and making this central to our organisation
  • extending our membership with a supporters’ model
  • attracting grants, donations and financial support
  • undertaking campaigns and projects
  • revising the roles of the executive committee
  • establishing an advisory group
  • attracting more voluntary support
  • providing our services inclusively to all Buddhist groups
  • redesigning our website and internet presence

At an Extraordinary General Meeting open to all on 20th March 2010, the members agreed to dissolve the existing unincorporated association and adopt an incorporated charitable constitution with effect from the AGM.

The NBO is now registered as a company limited by guarantee in England and Wales: company number: 07166817.