Awakening: Collective or Individual? 5th Nov 2022: NBO Annual Gathering and AGM

An invitation to join us
for our annual gathering
on the theme

Awakening: Collective or Individual?

5th Nov at Birmingham Buddhist Vihara

1200 – 1600

With three speakers giving short input sessions and discussion in small groups and as a whole group

To what extent is Buddhism a personal practice or a community led practice? Certainly the practice has a strong individual aspect and awakening can be seen as purely individual. However can individual awakening exist outside of the community? 

It is said that sangha is the whole of the path.  Sangha refers to a community of people living together. It can also refer to a community of purifications and realisations, or the attainment of the stoppings of the mental continuum. Therefore, to what extent is awakening individual or collective?

The discussion may consider areas such as individual or group Karma, how we understand community delusion and awakening. Are group awakenings a possibility?

Bring your own personal thoughts and experiences as well as teachings from your own traditions to share in the discussions.

Please let us know if you aim to come, so we can plan for food, chairs etc. Drop us an email or register on eventbrite.

Speakers: Enrique Galvan-Alvarez, Jodo Shinshu; Andy Wistreich, Jamyang; and  Samacitta, Tri-ratna.

1200: Lunch provided by the Vihara

1300 – 1600: Talks & discussion etc.

Birmingham Buddhist Vihara
29-31 Osler Sreet,
B16 9EU